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Tacloban Priest Did a House-to-House Blessing of Palm Fronds for the Palm Sunday

In Tacloban City, Msgr. Erlito Maraya, the head priest of the Sacred Heart Parish in Tacloban City, had gone out of the church to reach out and bless the people and the palm fronds they made with holy water.

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter when the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated. It is also the period of prayer, penitence, and reflection on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. In Christian churches, it is started by a procession of the people carrying palm fronds.

This year is different, as the world is under a pandemic disease COVID-19, churchgoers were requested to just stay at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus or in the country.

However, the pandemic disease did not stop people and priests from connecting with each other.

One of the residents of Tacloban City was a 54-year-old woman that participates and observed on the Palm Sunday.

She said, “At least even during this time of COVID-19, we’re still able to observe Palm Sunday.”

Father Maraya visited each household in Tacloban and ask about their conditions and blessed everybody with holy water.

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