Food Panda Rider Gets Into Accident Amid Heavy Rain But Picks Himself Up To Continue Deliver Food

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A hardworking Food Panda rider has got into an accident while delivering food amid heavy rain but still manage to got up and continue his job even after what happened.

These past few weeks, food delivery personnel were doing all there best to give their costumers a good quality of food and service amid the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Even though some of them might not be comfortable in the situation.

Food Panda is a mobile food delivery that is available in 13 countries. It is mostly active in the Asia Pacific, Bulgaria, and Romania and was headquartered in Berlin, Germany. This service allows the users to select from local restaurants and place orders via its mobile applications as well as its websites, as of wiki.

Food Panda Rider

In Malaysia, their Movement Control Order (MCO) or the enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines has also extended until May 12, 2020 to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The food delivery services in Malaysia were in demand due to the quarantine order, however, due to the frequent thunderstorms, it has affected the daily transactions of the riders.

Recently, a Food Panda employee has pushed through to deliver food to his customers even the weather conditions were not good.

Food Panda Rider

That made the rider slipped in the wet road, causing his motorcycle to tip over and he falls off his bike.

Passers-by around the area helped him up, but he did not care about whether he injured himself or not, instead, he immediately checks his food box to make sure everything was still in good condition before picking his phone from the ground.

The rider then picked up his phone and leave to deliver the food.

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