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What is Community Quarantine Pass? Purpose and Explanation Here

COVID-19 pandemic is shaking the world with its sting of a deadly disease that killed more than nine-teen thousand patients all over the world and still increasing until now. The tragedy brought crisis in every places that affect small and big businesses alike and put distress to all people in the world.

Most of the countries have closed every borders including the sea and air entry in every nation.

In the Philippines, the Office of the President issued advisory to put the nation under community quarantine. In Metro Manila, enhance community quarantine was implemented as stringent precautionary measure to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Some other provinces in the country has adopted the same observance in the cities as confirmed cases escalate since the first victim was admitted.

In every places that implemented enhance community quarantine, authority has set guidelines in order to place everything in order. Yet, many people wanted to know what is the difference between community quarantine, enhance community quarantine and the lockdown.

With the help of social media and other sources like of the municipalities that have implemented already of the enhance community quarantine in their area, their explanation may be can help as a guide for everyone and behave themselves accordingly.

According to the simple yet detailed explanation from the Radyo Bandaera Bacolod, it says:

Community Quarantine.

This guideline allows everybody to go out and travel by means of public transportation vehicles. Most of the businesses are allowed to operate especially basic services like grocery stores, public markets, drug stores, banks and other necessary services. But this limit entry of the people from other places.

Enhance Community Quarantine.

Under the enhance community quarantine, all borders of the municipality are closed. This limit everyone to go around because any mode of public transportation is no longer allowed. Yet, grocery stores are still open as well as drug stores and delivery of supply of foods. Members of the household are controlled especially seniors and students or minors.


During the lockdown situation, nobody among the members of the household is allowed to go out from their house except the one who hold the “Community Quarantine Pass.” The government will be the one to give the supply of foods to all affected areas during the lockdown implementation.

What is Community Quarantine Pass?

 The Community Quarantine Pass is a form of legal document during the crisis or a permit that allow the bearer to go out from their respective household to do transactions or buy foods or medicine or anything that the family is needed. The said permit or “Community Quarantine Pass” is assigned to only one person in the family member and is accompanied with the ID duly recognized by the authorities. Normally, the barangay is the issuing authority of the Community Quarantine Pass.

Here are the example of the community quarantine pass and the guidelines of Taytay under Mayor Joric Gacula.

Keep safe everyone. God bless.

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