Japanese Coronavirus Patient Tests Positive Again for a SECOND Time After Discharged from Hospital


The Japanese man reportedly tested positive again of coronavirus for a second time two (2) weeks after he recovered from the deadly disease and return home.

According to the report published on the dailymail.co.uk the Japanese man is at his 70s, he was one of the infected passengers on board of the disease-ridden luxurious cruise ship “Diamond Princess” in the month of February.

The Japanese man is one of the coronavirus patient treated in a medical facility in Tokyo and reportedly recovered his good health condition and returned home in Mie after tests proven negative of COVID-19 disease.

But after he was clear for several weeks, the Japanese man fell ill having a fever with temperature of 39°C as common symptoms of coronavirus. He was diagnosed positive again with COVID-19 on Saturday.

The man was among the 679 infected on board the Diamond Princess (pictured) which was placed into quarantine off the port of Yokohoma, Japan, last month

The case of the Japanese man who was infected again of the deadly disease is not the first time in the record as Japanese woman was also diagnosed again two weeks after her recovery.

According to the expert, coronavirus patients could possibly relapse with the coronavirus germs undetected by testing. However, scientific study on monkeys shows immunity development to fight against the virus after being infected with it while observed in the laboratory.

Global cases of the pandemic COVID-19 spikes to 173,200 as of posting and more than 6,640 death toll.

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