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Hometown of CoVid-19 Patient No. 1 EB Magalona Declared as “Hot Zone”

It was confirmed by the Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson that one citizen of EB Magalona, who tested positive of coronavirus, has a travel history from Manila.

During the press conference on March 29, he stated that the patient is a woman aged 41 years old.

Based on her travel history, she came home to Negros Occidental on March 8, came back to Manila on March 9 and on March 14, went back to Negros Occidental again.

The governor stated that the patient did not go home directly to EB Magalona, but underwent self-quarantine.

The patient had a fever on March 19 and was admitted on March 23. March 24 when she was tested positive and results were taken out on March 28. It was said that the Patient no. 1 is in a stable state.

According to the governor, it was planned that the patient will be discharged on March 28 however the results were tested positive. He added that the patient will undergo another test on April 2, 2020.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Ernell Tumimbang stated that, residents are prohibited from going in and out of the place and the government will only supply their daily needs. The authorities will take charge in protecting the citizens and has right equipments for their safety.

This will take place in the Enhanced Community Quarantine starting March 30 until April 14.

According to Lacson, “hotzones” were declared on some barangays in the province that has patients tested positive for CoVid-19 disease. One Patient Under Investigation and ‘at least’ five Persons Under Monitoring.

Lacson added that this is a pioneering strategy to promote and strengthen the campaign called ‘Stay at Home, Avoid Hot Zones’ and report Enhanced Community Quarantine or (ECQ) Violators.

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