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Lady Netizen Griefs After PUI Father Died Waiting For 11 Hours To Be Confined In The Hospital

Viral now in social media is a lady netizen named Rachelle Serrano Ramos griefs after her father died and considered a PUI of COVID-19 after waiting for 11 long hours at a tent before confined on the hospital in Quezon city.

The victim is reportedly experience difficulty of breathing and cough which is considered a sign of COVID-19 rushed to the Lung Center.

LIWANAG SERRANO Jr. on the right side (victim)

According to Rachelle her father was seating in a wheelchair and exposed under the heat of the sun while fighting for his life due to the lethality of the virus.

After the incident was posted in the social media the post receives various reaction from the netizens pointing out the negligence of the hospital in failure to give medical attention to her father.

Due to the incident the hospital released an apology and explained the frontliners and others nurses was really exhausted during that time. Dr. Ramos also commended the nurses of their hardwork and dedication to take care of the patients despite of lack of medical facility and under staffed.

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