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Homeless Man Tested Positive for COVID-19 Still Left Wandering Streets

The world had a large population of homeless people. So as the virus continues to spread everywhere, what will happen to them? Also, the virus is causing the cities to go into lockdowns, that is why a lot of homeless are left unattended.

Based on an article from CBC, there was a homeless man who tested positive for the coronavirus that showed up at a homeless shelter in Montreal looking for something to eat.

Homeless man Tests Positive For COVID-19, Left To Wander Streets After
Image from: Pacific Standard

Despite that, the executive director of Old Brewery Mission’s said he was highly concerned about the man. However, the man was still left roaming on the streets after his concern was disconcerting.

Montreal’s public health agency admitted that the isolation units for homeless COVID-19 patients aren’t ready yet. But they said that they are investigating the case.

We are looking at all the measures to be put in place to reduce the risk of outbreaks in the homeless community.

On the other hand, one of the co-founders of Resilience Montreal explained that such homeless people don’t have access to the internet or news. Therefore, most of them do not know about the pandemic outbreak.

Also, even if they have access, they would still have no place to turn to. And they wouldn’t have access to facilities for them to properly wash their hands.

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