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Gretchen Barretto Said that She is an Adopted Daughter of Bacolod City

Gretchen Barretto Posted on her Instagram video that she is an adopted Daughter of Bacolod City.

It is normal for a socialite like La Greta to travel into different places in the Philippines as well as in other countries around the world. She shares them in her Instagram account for her travels and destinations. Gretchen has a regular trip to San Francisco where her daughter Dominique Cojuangco is living. Dominique is her only daughter with her longtime partner business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco.

In her recent Instagram post, the former actress shared that she visited a city in the Visayas particularly in Negros Occidental. It can be seen in the video that she was with Bacolod City Mayor Bing Leonardia. The caption was, “I am an adopted daughter of Bacolod city (heart emoji) with mayor Bing Leonardia.”

Gretchen introduced to the social media followers the Mayor of Bacolod City. The video already reached more than 180 thousand views.

Last December 2019, she also shared several videos with her friends in Bacolod. “A few good hours in Bacolod but loads of good fun & food. Thank you Bacolod,” she said in her post.

This goes to show that the socialite has visited Bacolod several times already and she enjoys the city and its people. Last September, she even hinted that they got high with sugar in Bacolod because of the famous Calea cakes. Gretchen also brought home “pasalubong” from Bong-Bong’s.

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