Green Cross Increases Production Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Green Cross has recently said that they will increase the manufacture of alcohol, soap, and bleach products amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


Based on the report of GMA News, the firm is the maker of the well known Green Cross alcohol, as well as Zonrox bleach products.

“Our production lines are now practically running around the clock and we are working longer hours to increase output and meet the unprecedented demand, particularly for alcohol,”

“We urge consumers to do their part in ensuring the availability of alcohol by not hoarding, and by limiting purchases to two bottles as recommended by the DTI,”

Chief of the firm Michael Co urged the public to practice regular washing of hands. He also called for solemnity during the current medical emergency and advises the public to cooperate with authorities for the good of the nation. Co also urged the public to practice regular washing of hands.

Co added that they will make sure that more products will be delivered to hospitals, health centers, and store counters in the next few days. In addition, the government authorities will further appeal to secure the passage for their employees, supply trucks, and delivery trucks in time of needs.

“We are all working hard to make sure that the supplies needed to combat the spread of the virus are readily and sufficiently available for all, especially for our tireless health workers and other front-liners,”

The firm has ensured the health and safety of its employees, such as giving them transport, staff accommodations, alcohol pumping stations, and frequent sanitation of its product lines.

“We are one with the nation in this fight against an invisible enemy.  With everyone’s cooperation, we are confident that the country will be able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and move toward recovery,”

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