FACT CHECK : Metro Manila Under Lockdown Due To COVID19 PNP Reacts March 12, 2020 (Thursday)


FACT CHECK, viral now is the rumors of the lock down of Metro Manila due to COVID19.

The said news is fast circulating in many social media platforms and cause panic and anxiety to the public.

Here are the facts, as per PNP statement the said news is a hoax (false statement) even though they are preparing for the lockdown but there is no order yet, what you had read is the social media are not true.

According to Major Gen. Benigno Durana Jr. PNP Director to General Relations noted

“Contrary to some reports circulating in the social media, please be advised that the PNP has not issued any order for a lockdown in the NCR,

He added that the police is always ready if there is a urge for public emergency and any contigency if the situation becomes worst and uncontrollable.

But as of now he advised the public to remain calm and eliminate anxiety because the government are doing its best to aid the situation.

Meanwhile President Duterte will be expected to appear in Philippine Television this Thursday night to address the country and announced the possible remedy to keep the public safe and ensure everyone health first.

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