WATCH: Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Declaration To Stop COVID19 Netizens React

Famous and well known pastlr here on the country named Pastor Apollo Quiboloy declaration to stop COVID19.

Here is actual video of pastor effort to eliminate the COVID19 in the country.


Pastor Quiboloy becomes controversial lately when he claimed that he was the one to stop the earthquake happened in Mindanao, after that many netizens react the pastor and even famous comedian Vice Ganda shows disgust to what the pastor said.

Vice Ganda to Quiboloy “ang yabang”, and pastor addressed to reacted to Vice that use your influence in the social media in a good way.

Meanwhile COVID19 is concern we must join hands and pray for the fast recovery of the patients and also the complete elimination of the virus.

There is impossible to GOD and we will continue to pray and believe that our LORD will spare us and heal our land.

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