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Councilor in Negros Occidental Who Attended Event in Manila, Shows Flu-Like Symptoms

The mayor of Toboso Mayor Richard Jaojoco has confirmed that a councilor from their city was brought to a hospital for showing flu-like symptoms after attending a Manila trip.

Toboso Negros Occidental

The people in the Philippines are now monitoring the cases of coronavirus in the country following the upward case of the total count in the last few days. Now, there are 52 confirmed cases of the disease in the Philippines.

Out of the 52 cases of coronavirus, five (5) patients died during the treatment. One of them was a Chinese national. The Chinese national was the first death case of COVID-19 in the country outside China.

Most patients are treated in Metro Manila hospitals now. That’s why President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has placed Metro Manila under a “community quarantine” as a measure to curb the spread of the disease.

First Coronavirus Patient in PH

The government in every local unit in the country was very attentive and quick to spread every information in regards to the COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. Mayors in every city take the lead to confirm and report the updates to the public.

Mayor of Toboso Richard Jaojoco gave some information in regards to the Negros Occidental councilor who shows symptoms similar to flu.

Based on a report on Manila Bulletin, Mayor of the town said that the said public official has recently visited Manila for the PCL National Congress.


According to the Mayor of Toboso, the councilor was already brought to a hospital.

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