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Celebrities Expressed Reactions Over Sen. Pimentel Protocol Breach

Senator Koko Pimentel is now under pressure as he is facing the consequences of his actions. Its when the Makati Medical Center accused him of breaching the COVID-19 protocols.

Several celebrities also have posted their reactions towards the senator. Celebrities such as Angel Locsin, Enchong Dee, Agot Isidro, and Frankie Pangilinan are some that expressed their frustration over the news.

Agot Isidro: “You had yourself tested, you broke quarantine guidelines, you visited a hospital, risking the health of the many doctors and nurses and patients there… “Hindi mo nakuha yung memo ni influencer, no??? Di nag-iisip eh. Reckless endangerment yan di ba?

Frankie Pangilinan: “no words ??? just ??? [email protected]$!$&!%!?#%”

Enchong Dee: “Koko Pimentel is …”

Angel also apologize to the public for endorsing Pimentel many years ago in the elections for senatorial candidate back then.

Angel Locsin: “Yes. Super. Mortal sin. Patawarin nyo po ako bilang ex husband po sya ng pinsan ko”

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