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Viral Now: Syrian Vlogger Surprised the PWD Grab Food Rider an E-Bike

Viral now in social media the PWD Grab Food Rider who receives a gift from the kind-hearted YouTube Vlogger.

Viral PWD Grab Food

The Syrian vlogger’s name was “Basel Manadi”. And he titled himself as “The Adopted Son of the Philippines”. He became viral on social media because of his kindness and willingness to help for the Filipinos. Especially, those who needed help and attention. He mostly helped the poor ones and the elderly who are still doing their best to provide for their everyday needs. One one of the example is the 82-year-old Balut vendor who stills sell every night despite his disability.

And recently, a 47-year-old delivery man that is known as Kuya Joy, has impressed many because of this determination to work despite having only one leg. His disability didn’t stop Kuya Joy to work and earn from working as a Grab Food rider. He even uses his bicycle to deliver every order.

Viral PWD Grab Food

 The Syrian Vlogger notices the hard-working PWD grab rider. That’s why he made a surprise for him that can surely be a big help for him. Basel has shared some photos on his Facebook page about his surprise to Kuya Joy.

Viral PWD Grab Food

He wrote in his post, “Imagine guys, pedaling his bicycle with one foot and his metal stick hanging on his other leg. Basta gusto may paraan, ‘pag tamad laging may dahilan.” According to Basel, knowing more about Kuya Joy made him realized to appreciate even the smallest blessings in life.

A lot have expressed their gratitude towards the Syrian who has a ‘Pusong Pinoy’. A good Samaritan that has a big heart for the Pinoys.

The YouTube channel of Basel is “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer”

What can you say about this Good Samaritan? Share your thoughts and comments in the discussion box below.

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