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BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Tamara Report Matteo Guidecelli For Punching Him Due To Leaking Of Supposed Secret Wedding With Sarah Geronimo

Breaking news a security personnel of Sarah in the named of Jerry Tamara reported to the police officer due to alleged physical by means of punching done by Matteo Guidecelli for leaking their civil wedding to Sarah parents.

The bodyguard reported to Taguig police around 3 am last February 20, 2020 Thursday.

Reports stated that Tamara was hired by Sarah parents to close monitor their daugther and Matteo activity because the popstar parents is not in favor of their union but later reveal that they are secretly tied the knot through a secret civil wedding.

The actor was suspicious of him because supposed that the parents of the popstar does not know, the plan but he was surprise Sarah mother come and talk to her which makes him enraged and struck the 31 year old bodyguard.

Tamara choose not to file a complaint but the news is still ongoing for update.

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