VIDEO REPORT: Shocking Revelation, 1.5 Million Coronavirus Cases in China, 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths in Wuhan Only

Exiled Chinese billionaire and whistleblower now in the United States revealed that shocking report that there are 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus in Wuhan and death toll is over 50,000 people.

According to the report published in, Guo Wengui made the bombshell allegations in an interview with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. According to Wengui, the number of dead bodies burning in Wuhan crematoriums, the death toll reaches as high as 50,000, working 24/7.

 Wengui also claimed that there are 1.5 million confirmed cases. He also noted that the figure he mentioned in the interview is not merely quarantined or “under observation” but confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

“So I got inside information. The truth is 1.5 million people is not only [an] observation, [it] is confirmed [cases]. And the number of people who have died, as the burned bodies show, [is] more than 50,000.” it says.

The same report appeared in @TScelzo in Twitter dated February 9, 2020. The video captioned with “Chinese Government is hiding the truth about #coronavirus deaths and confirmed cases are way more then they say…”

You can watch this video here below:

If this news report is true, the people must know the real situation about the danger brought about the coronavirus or COVID-19 and the government must take precautionary measure to protect everyone’s life from the said virus.

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