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Video Footage of Matteo Guidecelli Punching Sarah Geronimo’s Security Personnel Named ‘Jerry Tamara’

Top Trending Topic online! Sarah Geronimo’s security personnel named ‘Jerry Tamara’ was punched by Matteo Guidecelli during the wedding. The source said that Matteo Guidecelli punches Jerry Tamara because he reported the secret wedding to Sarah’s parents ‘Mommy Divine.’

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Netizens asked for the punching video evidence but it was not uploaded yet online. We create this post because if ever there will be video, we will upload here. Watch the video below: (Note: we will upload the video once it was published online).

Tamara chooses not to file a complaint but the news is still ongoing for an update. The wedding was secret because Mommy Divine will not approve the two unions and as a matter of fact she opposed her daughter to be with the Italian actor.

According to reports that Mommy Divine real intention is to transfer her daughter’s assets to her before Sarah ties the knot with Guedecilli, is this really true?

According to the source, Mommy Divine hired a personal guard as an eye to Sarah and to report their daily activities to her.

Meanwhile, as previous reports is concerned famous columnist Ricky Lo reveals that the two already tied the knot as per reliable source but that time Sarah Geronimo does not admit she was actually married and post that she is on a taping with her fellow coaches in The Voice Teens.

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