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Senator Bong Revilla Wants the Benefit from Centenarian Law Be Receive at 80-90-Year-Old

The actor-turned-politician Senator Bong Revilla 53-years-old wants the senate to support the passage of the bill to allow the elderly to avail their benefits much earlier.


Bong Revilla was the first who elected to the Senatorial position in 2004. And top the senatorial race in 2010. He got also involved in the Napoles pork barrel issue.

The senator was detained at Camp Crame for four years after he was arrested. He was acquitted from the cases filed against him.

He again ran on the 2019 Senatorial Elections and grabbed the 11th spot. His video dancing went viral on social media.

On Wednesday, urged the Senate to pass his bill to amend the Centenarian Law. This law allows 80 and 90-years old to avail of their benefits early at the time.

He said, “We are pushing for the passage of the bill because we want our elderlies to enjoy their benefits the government is giving them,” 

In Senate Bill 1319, Revilla wants the elderly Filipinos to enjoy entitles earlier than the age retirement of 100.


Based on the report, if the senate passed it into law, it will entitle the elderly to P10,000 when they reach 80 and another P10,000 at the age of 90 and 100K at 100 years old.

“This is how highly we value our culture of taking care of our elderly. This proposed measure, therefore, is another legislative effort in the testimony of this unique Filipino culture,” Revilla said.

Also, Senator Manny Pacquiao has filed a bill seeking to increase the retirement age for military officers to 60.

Watch the video here:

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