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Residents in Palawan Spotted a Crocodile Under a Car

Residents in Palawan spotted a reptile under a parked car in the house of the former barangay official.

Here in the Philippines, there are certain areas that have grown extinct in other parts are living. One of these areas is Palawan. It is no secret to the public that some of its parts are homes to crocodiles. So if you see one in the public area that serves as a warning to be more careful to prevent unwanted incidents like an animal attack.


In Palawan, some residents saw under a parked car a crocodile in the house of the former barangay official in Punta Buja Rizal. It is posted on the social media page of RGMA Super Radyo DYSP 909Khz Palawan.


Based on the report, the car was parked near the lighthouse of the former Kagawad Nomema Saibodin. According to Mr. Jerry Valiao Calamba Sr. the reptile came there to lay eggs in the nearby pond.

The Barangay Kagawad said that it is not the first time that they saw a crocodile near the house. The last time they saw it was on February 2. And it was just recently when it went out.

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