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Know Solenn Heussaff Reason for Not Showing her Baby’s Face

Kapuso actress Solenn Huessaff reveals her reason for not showing and introducing her baby to the public.

It was New Year January 1, 2020, when Kapuso actress Solenn Heussaff and her husband Argentinian businessman Nico Bolzico welcomed their “world” – their first baby we can all call Thylane Katana. But up to now, they haven’t revealed yet their baby’s face to the public.

That is why the public got speculations and confusion. And their followers were all curious. Now the actress shared on her Instagram story the reason why she didn’t show Thylane’s face. And according to her, she stresses out that not everything must be shared on Instagram.

She’s read comments indicating if her baby is ugly, she’s not proud of her, she’s abnormal, and among other things. Thus, she strongly stated, “People need to remember LIFE does NOT happen on IG. Yes its a great place to share things, but you dont have to share EVERYTHING. Its not because it didnt happen on IG that it didnt happen in real life.”

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Solenn Heussaff

However, Nico Bolzico shared on his Instagram the blue eyes of his child. Nico also shared that they have just got the best and most exhausting 31 days of their lives and they are not aware they will be capable of so much love until she came into their lives.

He said, “Many lessons learned, but the most important is that we, men, are not only useless during the pregnancy but also after (at least the first 31 days)! We are simply decoration! Just be fully supportive and do everything your wife tells you to do without asking why!”

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