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Jeepney Driver Who Strike Students in Makati Was Positive for Drugs and Has No License

The authorities found out that the driver who strikes students crossing the pedestrian lane in Makati has no license and positive for drugs.

In the report the horrendous incident that happened to the students in Makati city, Tuesday night. The CCTV footage was released that shows the overspeeding of a jeepney who failed to stop and has plowed the group of students.

Jeepney Driver Who Plowed
Jeepney Driver Who Plowed

According to the Makati Traffic Bureau, the driver stated that he lost control of his vehicle. After further investigations, the police found out that the driver has no license. In addition to that, he is also positive for drug use.

On Thursday the officials said that the jeepney driver who plowed students crossing at the pedestrian lane in Makati City found that has no license and positive for drugs.

According to Makati police chief Col. Rogelio Simon, while they are having their initial results of the suspect named, Crizalde Tamparong. The suspect was positive in the drug test and will be submitted to confirmatory testing.

Because of that, Tamparong is now facing various cases in relation to traffic laws and drug use.

Jeepney Driver Who Plowed

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