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Ivana Alawi Admitted She Receives Wealth from a Moroccan

Money is the most powerful influencer in the world that even change personality to something unusual. But the young actress and YouTube sensation Ivana Alawi remains humble even if she is now richer than before as all the wealth of her Moroccan father was named after her as one of the heiress.

The 23-year-old told Vice Ganda during her guesting on the evening show “Gandang Gabi Vice” in reply to the question to her by the TV host.

“Balita ko heiress ka daw?” Vice Ganda asked.

Ivana then explained that she did not count it as her own because the said wealth is for all of their family.

“Sa akin pinamana lahat, pero di naman akin yun. Sa family yun,” she said.

The sexy actress also shared Vice Ganda about the reason why she took culinary course.

Ivana said that she is preparing herself for the future life with her husband as to hold the office as the “house wife” noting that she believes the saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Aside from that, Ivana added that she took culinary because she is fond of eating especially her favorite “Bulalo and Kare-Kare.”

Ivana also demonstrated how she eats her favorite food bulalo and the way she sucks the bone marrow. This portion of the video is the most appreciated by the audience the way Ivana shows how she suck the bone marrow.

Watch video here:

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