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Criminology Student Died of Frat Hazing in Sorsogon

Criminology Student of Solis Institute of Technology in Sorsogon died from an alleged hazing incident.

The Republic Act No. 8049 or the Anti-Hazing Law states that: The AntiHazing Act of 1995, also known as Republic Act No. 8049 is national legislation in the Philippines regulating the act of hazing and other initiation rites in fraternities and sororities in the country. It prohibits and penalizes physical harm and violence in such practices.

The law has been long to prohibit in the universities and colleges to aware of violence during the initiation rites of fraternities and sororities. On the other hand, even though the law was already prohibited there are still cases of deaths due to hazing just like what happened in the University of Santo Tomas law student and a part-time medical technologist Horacio Castillo III in 2017. The death of the student-led to death. In some reports, there is a student in Pototan, Iloilo that was badly hurt due to fraternity hazing.

Based on the report from UNTV News and Rescue, a freshman criminology student from Solis Institute of Technology named Omer Despabiladeras dies due to an alleged hazing incident.

According to Police MSgt. Edgar Calupit, who investigates the case, she said that the victim passed out during the initiation rites. And then, the 23-year-old student was rushed to Pantaleon Gotladera Memorial Hospital. But the attending physician declared him dead on arrival.

Based on the report, the investigation has already started. It headed by the Bulan Municipal Police Station, to determine the persons or group behind the death of Despabiladeras.

As of press time, the authorities have not yet released further information regarding this incident.

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