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Balloon Vendor Oliver Rosales Suffers Burn Ask Help on Raffy Tulfo in Action to Find a Group of Pranksters

Balloon Vendor Oliver Rosales is now suffering after he was badly burned due to a prank by some individuals in Pandacan District Manila. The seven individuals who played the prank, five (5) of them are minors. He still had doubts about whether he needs a settlement but Raffy Tulfo promised him help to find the seven individuals and not to make any decision for a settlement.

Recently, GMA News reported that Rosales agreed on a settlement for just P35, 000 as the barangay stated. Raffy Tulfo in Action is still hoping of Rosales’s decision not to make a settlement yet. On Monday, Raffy Tulfo will clarify if Rosales accepts the settlement of the parents for seven individuals who burn him alive.

According to Rosales, “Sila kaya ‘yung silaban, sunugin ng buhay, Kung gaano kasakit ‘yung naramdaman ko noon. Buhay ko ‘yung kapalit, eh.”

We will update this webpage on Monday, February 17, 2020, for further announcement of Raffy Tulfo in Action. Watch the full interview of Raffy Tulfo to Oliver Rosales below:

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Photo Credit to Raffy Tulfo in Action

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