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Actual Video: Car Show Model Mycah Expressed Admiration for Willie Revillame Went Viral

In an episode of “Wowowin” featuring a car show model Mycah interacting together with TV host Willie Revillame, video of sweet and romantic encounter went viral online.

During their conversation, Willie asked if the model will love a comedian. The 21-year-old model replied that easy for her to fall in love with comedian like Willie. She also expressed readiness to love and care for the 59-year-old. Mycha’s admiration to the host makes the audience stand out and cheer for their romantic encounter.

Watch this videos:

Beyond doubt, age doesn’t matter, but in my personal opinion about Kuya Will which also or maybe the same with the many thoughts out there. Kuya Will may be thinking for every woman come across his way and connecting the issue about love, we cannot avoid for Kuya Will doubting that the woman is chasing him after money. But considering that not all woman chase after money. If Kuya Will is always thinking negative to that, he will lose every chances of finding the right girl that really loves him most more than the money he had. A kind of woman that will love him and take good care of him not because he is old but caring him because love naturally cares the love ones.

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