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Robin Padilla Challenge Artist Reveal Contract Details to Compare with Workers’ Pay

Robin Padilla Official Facebook Page caught the attention of the online community following after his post stating that he challenge ABS-CBN and GMA superstars to reveal contract details and compare them with the workers’ pay.

Recently, Netizens say that Robin Padilla ruined the ABS-CBN network by challenging the network to show the contract details.

The actor also said that there is nothing to be afraid, that if any ones break the law you must pay the law because he paid three years in a Jail. What do we fear for of the ABS-CBN? Are they really guilty of the law?, the actor said.

Here are the full posts of Robin Padilla:

God is great !! for abscbn and gma superstars I challenge you to go live and defend your networks we release our contracts and compare them with our taping and shooting workmates show the city what we enjoy on the networks We and those who enjoy what you say you are trying to do without losing your job. Would you like to correct the mistake before we start with the first paycheck to the right salary benefits and the proper working hours of our teammates in the taping and shooting before you fight for the right of the company to be the person of the company with you in each day at the location and don’t just protect regular employees how are those irregular? those people in your tent and the portalet month to year that have been with you depending on the length of your show do you ever ask if they are sub contracted by regular employees of abscbn and if they have overtime pay? How many labor and sub contract are regular employees of abscbn? Who? Is that food the same as the crew you eat? Is it nutritious? Fight the agreement of the DOLE and the FDCP with your networks and when you get it for the people who are really struggling with it even if it rains or rains you may or may not fight what you say is the right of a multi billion company. I am not against the abscbn franchise but we have to be the only chance you have to change the working state of all of us in the entertainment industry and make use of the poor people who brought you to fame before the rich. I am for abscbn renewal but include the agreement of Chairwoman Liza DIño and Secretary Silvestre Bello in there mission and vision first of all to serve our people within us! in our yard! before we go home. Anytime I anywhere we release our contracts let us compare our salaries to our family co workers and include our brothers and sisters. Let’s go out for the public to let us give it a try and then let’s make it a reality teleserye and let’s fill in the revelations on this issue that should be addressed in court and congress. Not everyone in the world is Showbiz and Politics one way or the other the revolution of the people has to be realized!

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