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10,000 Male Participants annual “Nak*d Festival” in Japan’ Honshu Island

There are thousands of men gathered for the annual “Nak*d Festival” in Japan’ Honshu Island. Called “Hadaka Matsuri” in Japanese, the festival is held at the Saidaiji Kannonin Temple near Okayama. The 10,000 male participants can be seen wearing a little loincloth called a “fundoshi” and a pair of white socks called “tabi.” and the festival held on Saturday Japanese time.

The event celebrates the blessings of a bountiful harvest, prosperity, and fertility. The men run around the temple grounds and purify themselves with freezing cold water.

Then they cram themselves into the main temple building. Commotion begins when a priest threw 100 bundles of twigs and two lucky sticks into the crowd. The participants jostle with each other to get hold of those. Whoever succeeds is guaranteed a year of good fortune, according to legend.

The whole event lasts around 30 minutes and participants emerge with a few cuts and bruises. Each year, the event attracts visitors from all across the country and a few from abroad.

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