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VIRAL! Watch Vice Ganda Remove His WIG in Front of Momoland Girls

Hundreds of thousands people in the online world wish to see comedian actor and TV host Vice Ganda remove his wig.

During the episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” featuring with Momoland Girl. The host of the show was so fond entertaining with Korean girls who made their names became popular in the country today. One member of the Korean group, JooE who is just as funny as him makes the show more entertaining.

Amid the show, while Vice Ganda was enjoying the conversation with the Korean girls, one member of the Momoland girl has quipped to reveal a secret about boyfriend issue but before she told her secret, Vice Ganda challenged her to tell her mother about her boyfriend or else… Vice Ganda then attempted to take off his wig before the eyes of the Momoland girl and the audience.

Watch video here:

This video is making round in social media with so many reactions from the netizens.

Vice Ganda assisted with Ryan Bang that serves as translator between him and the Korean girls.

What can you say about Vice Ganda attempting to remove his wig before the Momoland girl and to the open public.

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