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James Reid and the K-pop star Nancy McDonie are working together in a movie entitled “The Soulmate Project.” This could not be easy and overnight success for the Filipino actor and Korean actress to familiarized oen another, but they showed the glimpse of perfect chemistry even from the very start of their work in the [...]

Hundreds of thousands people in the online world wish to see comedian actor and TV host Vice Ganda remove his wig. During the episode of “Gandang Gabi Vice” featuring with Momoland Girl. The host of the show was so fond entertaining with Korean girls who made their names became popular in the country today. One [...]

In the latest episode of Gandang Gabi Vice or “GGV” the program features famous Kpop girl group Momoland with members Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy. There is a segment where the girls will taste different Filipino delicacies. The girls like pork leachon, sisig and chicharon but they made an epic reaction towards this [...]

WATCH: TWBA Fast Talk With “Momoland”

TWBA features Kpop girlgroup “Momoland” witness funny and shocking revelations about thr girls in the group. Find out who is the richest to the laziest and who is the most popular in the group. Also know whos Nancy crush and considered hottest actor in the Philippines. Meanwhile also the group teaches Tito Boy the actual [...]

Momoland a famous girl group in Korean amazed the crowd by performing its own of cover of “Salamat” in Abs Cbn Christmas Special 2019. The group excites their fans for its vocals, visual and also its charismatic smiles especially their lead visual and famous here in Philippines “Nancy”. Momoland becomes phenomenal here in the country [...]

Momoland Requests a Photo with Liza Soberano

Top trending topic online! Momoland requests a photo with Liza Soberano during ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2019, according to James Banaag Tweet. He added, Nancy of Momoland girl group is the first who request for a photo of Liza Soberano.  Recently, Liza Soberano is willing to make a project with BTS “Jin” or “V” in Korea.  See photos below: Courtesy Photos by [...]

Momoland a famous Kpop idol group recently signed an exclusive contract with ABS CBN and its first project is the team up of Momoland maknae Nancy Jewel Mcdonnie “Nancy” and James Reid is a television love story series entitled ” Soulmate”. The latest project will be produced by Dreamscape entertaiment. Upon arrival in the Philippines [...]

Breaking news K-pop sensation momoland is now a Kapamilya as its officially signed a contract in the station. For more trending news around the globe please dont hesitate to visit our website and like our page at facebook and be sure to leave your comments below. Know more here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_uluwONgto