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QR Zaguirre: “Mt. Canlaon Lord.. sana pasabugin muna din Ito.. plz.. TY.”

A certain QR Zaguirre is making round on social media following after his Facebook post praying that Mt. Canlaon will also erupt.

His post makes the netizens furious especially people of Negros Island relating to a traumatic experience of Taal Volcano eruption on Sunday, January 12, 2020 leaving the town totally evacuated with all villagers.

On his Facebook, QR Zaguirre posted photos of Mt. Canlaon with caption reads,

“Mt. Canlaon Lord.. sana pasabugin muna din Ito.. plz.. TY.”

Furious netizesn in Negros Island condemn him by sharing his post with the caption “PASIKATIN NATIN TOH! Ulo mo sana ang sumabog, sira ulo ka” this is in order to give awareness to all the people in the island and to call the attention of everybody.

The post of QR Zaguirre went viral and spread like wildfire in social media and becomes the hot topic to the Ilongo netizens with negative comments condemning his untoward action.

Irresponsible Netizen

Here are some of the comments of the netizens:

MyCinematicz: To you it might be a joke, but saying this isn’t funny…you have brain but you don’t have a heart to say such stupidity..Bacoleños is this what we are ???

V.S. Cordoreja: Pano kong pwet mo ang pasabugin nmin?

Poe Arevalo Chan WOW si kuya👹
kung mag salita parang hayop👹👹👹

What can you say about this foolish joke of QR Zaguirre? Write comment here below..

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