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Pregnant Mich Liggayu of JaMich Love Team, Dance “TALA” Netizens React

Mich Liggayu the former partner of the love team “JaMich’ is now pregnant and ready for married commitment with her new love team partner Arran Phil Sese.

As to remember, the JaMich love team is considered one of the most popular love teams in social media because of their viral video of a short film entitled “By Chance” that played by her and her love team partner, Jam.

Mich Liggayu

The JaMich love team consists of Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu.

The true-to-life partner became a YouTube sensation in 2011 capturing the hearts of Filipino fans with their followers of more than a million in YouTube and other social media accounts.

Unluckily, the JaMich love team come to an end due to the sickness of Jam resulting his untimely death as he was diagnosed of a stage 4 lung cancer and he rested on March 4, 2015. The world of Mich melted because of Jam’s death leaving her heart wounded. But finally, Mich has already moved on and her new love affairs healed her broken heart.

Mich Liggayu

Mich introduces her new love team partner Arran Phil Sese, by which she always calling him “Boos.” Just like Jam and Mich on their previous loveteam, Mich and Arran are also doing the same thing making short films and uploaded on YouTube.

Recently, Mich took to her Instagram account and posted photo of her revealing her belly with a bump of a baby indicating that she is now pregnant. Another post of her on YouTube confirming her pregnancy, a cover video of “Tala Dance” challenge.

Mich Liggayu

YouTube post of pregnant Mich dancing “Tala Dance Challenge”

Netizens in the social media world lauded here and express message of congratulations:

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