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Neo Domingo Confirmed He is the Father of Mich Liggayu’s Baby

The life of Mich Liggayu becomes open book in the online world because of her video vlog “By Chance” with her former love team Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian who later died in a stage 4 lung cancer.

Mich was not heard for how many years due to heartbroken experience in her love life. But now, Mich is surprising her fans and followers by coming back again in the world of social media but at this time, she is bearing a child in her womb considered as the reason for her to live again.

But wait, we know everyone would like to know the man behind Mich pregnancy. In Facebook post, a certain Neo Domingo represent himself as the father of Mich child. He said in a post that he knows a strong woman next to his mother and that woman is referring to Mich. Neo was so grateful of Mich for giving him a chance to love her even if he cannot compare the love of Jam before but he promised to love her up to best he can do and never leave her much more that they’re soon to be parents to the baby in her womb.

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On the other post of Neo he confirmed that he is the father of Mich baby in her womb. He wrote on his Facebook saying,

 “Ngayon its official na. Pwede na kita tawaging MAHAL na walang takot. Pwede ko na kayo ipagmalaki sa buong mundo.😊 and para sa mga nag tatanong at nag mamadali na sagutin ko. Ito na po! YES po I am the father.”

Meanwhile, Mich made a video and uploaded in YouTube. This time she reintroduces herself with the next chapter of her life as she is soon to become a parent. The baby on her womb gives her the reason to fight again in life from losing someone special she was expecting the man to be with her forever. At this time, Neo is man in new chapter of her life to live again full of hope and expectation.

Watch video here:

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