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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Part 4 Viral Video Mr. “Santiago Paredes” formally filed a complaint against Doctor “Tomas Joaquin Mendez”

Part 4 of the viral video where Mr. Santiago Paredes formally filed a complaint against doctor Tomas Joaquin Mendez an enrage doctor who throws a stone on his car and throw belittled him.

Together with the reporters of the program the go to the Makati City police office to file a case against the doctor.

According to the chief of police the doctor will possibly face oral defamation and slander case and they will directly filed it on the prosecutors office.

Then the prosecutors office will issue a sopoena to Mendez to face the charges and to file an affifavit to defend his side.

Lets see how the story goes and hopefully this doctor will be lessoned on his arrogant acts towards ordinary people.

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