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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Part 3 Viral Enrage Doctor “Tomas Joaquin Mendez” Possible Revocation of Drivers and Prc License

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa radyo part 4 of the viral video of an enrage doctor Tomas Joaquin Medez will be endagered to lost his license both in Lto and Prc.

The scenario the program goes to the clinic where the doctor is residing prohibits them to enter the hospital they can still go inside provided of camera off policy.

According to sources the doctor had already filed a vacaction leave in the hospital he is working and his return is still unknown.

With regards to his bad actions in the streets the Lto autorities has already show cause order for him to report in the Lto office to explain his side.

According to Lto Chief Deputy Officer Director Roberto Vallera their office has already sent a notice to the doctor to report at once and if failed to he is waiving his right to defend his self and could be considered a ground for revocation of license.

The program is eager to reach the side of Doctor Mendez but he is so hard to find for an interview to defend his side.


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