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WATCH: Mayor Vico Sotto And Gretchen Ho Spotted Together at Sea Games 2019- Are They Dating?

Mayor Vico Sotto and Gretchen Ho were spotted together in a Sea game 2019 event last Wednesday.

Philippines vs Vietman volleyball match of the seagamea.

Upon seeing them there were rumors that that two have been dating due to their closeness together.

Mayor Sotto is still single for now and last he noted “he does not need a girl to be happy”, is this the right time for him to be in a relationship.

Lately Gretchen Ho is busy on her hosting carreer in Umagang Kay Ganda. Lets see how their closeness goes to its climax this will be a possible love is in the air.

Meanwhile there was no official statement yet heard from Vico.

What will be the reaction of Bossing Vic Sotto if his son will be engage in a relationship, lets find out here.

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