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Mayor Vico Sotto and Gretchen Ho were spotted together in a Sea game 2019 event last Wednesday. Philippines vs Vietman volleyball match of the seagamea. Upon seeing them there were rumors that that two have been dating due to their closeness together. Mayor Sotto is still single for now and last he noted “he does [...]

Former Ateneo Blue Eagles female volleyball varsity player Gretchen Ho denies the issue of being pregnant with the child of Robi Domingo. According to Ho, the said rumors is not true, knowing the fact that she is now slim and it is impossible to prove that slim people are really in the state of pregnancy. [...]

Most celebrated athlete/host Gretchen Ho share what keeps her going despite of hectic schedule like a series of hosting and more challenging activities. Despite of busy being as an athlete wherein she is now a member of Petron volleyball team, she is also a host of series shows in ABS-CBN Sports and Action, specifically on [...]

Kapamilya host Robi Domingo gets intimidated by his current girlfriend Gretchen Ho when it comes to his plan about his future wedding proposal to the female athlete. According to Robi he is still too young to consider settling down in life; he added he has more to learn about the reality of life and how [...]