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Viral Now: Alleged White Van Kidnappers at the hands of the Police Authorities- Is This True?

Viral now in social medias is the pictures of the alleged white van kidnappers that kidnapping people are now at the hands of the authorities.

According to some sources this group of criminals kills and steals the organs of their victims and sells them at the black market (term for illegal market).

This white van viral news becomes wide spread in the internet that cause scare to the people especially the parents of the child wherein these bunch of criminals main target is children.

Now we are relieved to this news in facebook but we must find out if this is fake or not by watching news for confitmation

True or not we must always take care and be vigilant because they if there is smoke there is a fire a possibility that this news is true.

If you seen any suspicious events or personality in your community report it to the authorities immediately.

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