WATCH HOT NEWS: BTS filed a lawsuit against Big Hit Entertainment “Abuse in Profit Sharing”

Hot news famous Kpop male idol group BTS filed a lawsuit against agency Big Hit Entertaiment.

According to Jbtc the lawsuit recently received a report that BTS sued Big Hit for abuse of profit sharing. The boys were not compensated enough on their hardwork wherein they had already had an estimemated income of 200 Korean Won (167 million US dollars) and expected to earn more due to its ongoing popularity globally.

Reports have circulated that the boys had struggle enoung on their earnings and the agency must compensate them well due their hardwork and before re signing their contract the abuse of profit sharing was already excisting.

This news was not good because agenct must take care well of their artist.

Big Hit on the other hand noted that they had already dispatched another 100 member staff to take care of the boys schedule, events and also theri well being.

Big hhit noted “this report is considered not true, but this is still under legal due process”.

This profit sharing is rampant in Korea where artist had only a little share in income but lets hope this report is fake.

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