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VIRAL VIDEO: Young Male Student Caught in Camera Licking Photo of Ivana Alawi

Young male student capture on a video while he scanned photos of Ivana Alawi and licked one of them.

Facebook user identified as Ezeckiel John Cabarles who is responsible of uploading this video of his classmate while browsing photos of Ivana Alawi. As his classmate continue browsing, it caught his attention as he looks at him eagerly staring the photo of Ivana Alawi that makes him interest to record a video. What makes more funny is when his classmate licks one of Ivana’s photo.

Watch video here:

Ivana Alawi is a PMPC Star awardee for TV Best New Female TV Personality. She turns a vlogger and became a social media sensation to online community especially male netizens. This is because Ivana is beautiful, sexy and very attractive that many of the male netizen attracted on her.

Male Student Caught

The video went viral online along with the comments of the netizens watching the video. Upon writing, the video garnered more than 2 million views, 170 thousand reactions and 130 thousand shares.

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