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VIRAL NOW! Photo of President Duterte “Naka-upo sa Tambayan Nya sa Bahay” Netizen Praises

Photo of President Rodrigo Duterte caught the attention of the netizen as he is seen on this photo “Naka-upo sa Tambayan Nya sa Bahay” looks so simple and humble but earned praises on the online world.

The humble photo of President Duterte went viral because many of his followers and sympathizers spread this photo in order show to the world that they are so proud of having the humble president yet in a strong principle.

As to recall, President Duterte is considered the most influential man in his time that even people outside the country soluted his leadership as assume position the government.

His strong principle, personality and demeanor put him into the level of success and fame as millions of the Filipinos considered him the bravest man as lead the campaign in the war against illegal drug.

President Duterte gain the hearts of millions of Filipino people as he is seen in this photo showing himself so simple and humble but made a strong appeal to all the Filipino and dubbed him as the simplest and humblest president ever had in the country.

Just this moment of writing, in the Facebook page of “President Duterte Worldwide Supporters” posted the photo of President Duterte sitting in the front gate outside of his house in Doña Luisa Village, Davao City as he used to do so. He is seen in this photo with his neighbors and friends were together just as ordinary homeowners normally talking just like we did. In this photo, the president is just wearing a white shirt, pants, and slippers having a good time talking with some of his friendly neighborhoods.

This earns a lot of appreciation from the netizens as you can see their comments below.

President Duterte
President Duterte
President Duterte

Here is the full post:

“Ganito lang po ka simply ang Bahay ni President Rody Duterte sa Dona Luisa village Davao. Minsan nakipagbiruan pa siya sa mga bisita niya. Ang bahay nya ngayon ay araw araw marami ang bumibisita naging tourist spot na ito hindi dahil sa isang bonggalo na bahay kng hindi sa ka simplihan nito na karamihan ay hindi makapaniwala na ito ang Bahay ng isang Pangulo ng Republica ng Pilipinas.”

The netizen in the online world expresses their praises to President Duterte for being humblest president ever had in the country.

Join the netizens appreciation to the president as you share your opinion to his photo as dubbed by the people of the online world as the humblest president in world.

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