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VIRAL NOW! Boracay Scandalous Photos of Couple Doing Something in the Beach Exposed in Social Media

The scandalous photos of a couple captured in camera are now spreading online like wild fire making rounds as the most controversial post in Facebook this week. The couple, whose identity is yet to identify until now caught by other tourist doing something unusual at the beachfront in Boracay during the night time.

Boracay Controversial Photos

Primary purpose of most tourists both foreign and domestic visiting the powdered like white sand in the country is to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature brought about this renown and famous paradise island in Asia.

The number 1 tourist destination in the country has been opened again to the public last October 2018 after President Duterte ordered rehabilitation of the place in order to provide a better and peaceful experience of every vacationist.

Photo Courtesy of RMN

On the other hand, the Facebook page of “DYHB Tatak RM” posted disgusted photos of a couple foreigner having intercourse at the front beach of Boracay Island.

Boracay Controversial Photos

The scandalous photos of the couple spread in the online world garnered negative reaction from the netizen as you can follow reading them below.

Here are the netizens comments in a screen captured.

Boracay Controversial Photos
Boracay Controversial Photos
Boracay Controversial Photos

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