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Raffy Tulfo: American Terry Lee Denapoli Want to Return Back His Money from Jenivel Bing, But She Said…

Terry Lee Denapoli comes to idol Raffy Tulfo complaining her girlfriend Jenivel Bing for her wrongdoing against him. According to the American guy, Jenivel cheated him because she is not honest with their relationship as he plans to marry her after he retires from work and settle here in the country. Instead of waiting for her, Denapoli said that Jenivel marries to other foreigner.

Jenivel, on the other side explained that she did not cheated him because she only promise to marry a guy to whom commits her to fix the necessary papers needed as marriage requirements.

Denapoli also complained that Jenivel took his money and he wanted to return to him half of the amount from all he had given in which Jenivel insisted that she did not took his money but she explained, it was his will to offer her support in condition that she will not work abroad.

So, Jenivel said that she has no obligation to return the money in which Denapoli voluntarily gives her.

Watch video here to know more details about the relationship of Terry Lee Denapoli and Jenivel Bing that ended here in the program of idol Raffy Tulfo.

Watch video here:

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