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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action: Part 3 Viral Video “Minda” Is Now Turn Over To The Police For Kidnapping Crime

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action part 3 of a viral video alias Minda who kidnapps a baby from employers Princess Perrin and Eric Victoriano.

Nowcas an update the employer noted that Minda must pay for the crimes she committed inorder to be an example to other maid out there. Idol Raffy noted that the employer must not be afraid of resback because kidnapping is none bailable crime.

Now Minda is escorted to the police for more investigation and due process of law and also fro trial procedure.

Idol Raffy noted that Minda must not worry of her children because the program will give financial assistance as help because the children are innocent.

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