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Watch: Raffy Tulfo In Action “Magtago Na Kayo” To Angelika Tumang and Group

Idol Raffy Tulfo cannot really hold his temper with regards to the bullying incident done by Angelika Tumang and group.

Tumang and group

Sir Raffy noted “magtago na kayo pero hindi sa batas at Dudurugin ko ang grupo nyo”. Which was reasonable as the group has many victims of bullying.

The incident rises when a certain video was uploaded in social media where Tumang was bullying her victim alias Julie.

This modus was framing up an innocent girl so that they could have a possible reason to beat their victim up.

As the investigation goes on that Angelika is the leader of a gang called Smoking Area gang with accomplices. The victim noted that they were using illegal drugs and involve in pushing illegal contraband.

They were forcing students to buy to push and buy illegal drugs if not they will beat them.

Prior to alias julie many more victims was willing to give their statement and aiming to punish these abusive group of teens.

Idol Raffy already notified the person in authorities to help him punish Tumang and accomplices.

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