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‘The 100’ stars Eliza Taylor as ‘Clarke Griffin’ and Bob Morley as ‘Bellamy Blake’ Reveals That They Were Secretly Married

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor in a scene from The 100.

Celebrities dating does not usually turn out to be true. Sometimes they are just rumors to stir up fans. However, ‘The 100’ stars, Eliza and Bob revealed their secret marriage, which surprised fans because nobody knew they were a couple. Their characters on ‘The 100’ are not a couple. Instead, they were best friends. Many fans rooted and shipped them together, and finally, their dreams of getting both of them together came into reality. Both celebrities announced it on twitter.

“Recently I married my best friend and soul mate @WildpipM We are very happy and ask that you keep your comments kind and respect our privacy at this time,” Taylor shared.

Morley tweeted, “It is with such a full heart that I call @MisElizaJane my wife. This is something we both cherish very deeply and are beyond happy. Please remember to be respectful and kind to one another. Be well be kind.”

Some fans cannot still believe what happened and are still confused. However, at the same time, they are very happy for the couple.

“I want to believe that this is true but I feel like I can’t,” one fan wrote in response.

“My initial reaction is like they’re joking, right?” said another.

Other casts of the series congratulated the couple and confirmed it to be real. Not only had they made each other happy with their marriage, but as well as the fans.

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