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College Student Saved Php16,400 After His Gf Broke Up With Him

One college student began saving his money after his girlfriend broke up with him. In only four months, he have already saved more than sixteen thousand pesos. His story went viral after one financial literacy shared this on a page, ‘Peso Sense’.

The person remained anonymous but he stated that he is a fourth year college living in a province. When his girlfriend broke up with him that, he cannot afford to go out of their house and have fun. So then, he decided to save his money, placing it in his empty Stick-O container.

He decided that he‘d use paper money instead of coins. He had several ways to earn extra money like loaning a sack of rice worth one hundred and fifty pesos per month, selling gasoline and adding ten pesos in his capital. Every ten person buying rice from him, he earns one thousand five hundred pesos every month. In addition, for the 24 liter of gasoline, he earns two hundred and forty pesos every week, a thousand for a month.

When he and his girlfriend were still together, he usually spend his earnings on their dates but after they broke up, he decided to save instead. When he opened his container, he was very happy to see that he saved around sixteen thousand four hundred pesos in just four months and because of this, many netizens are inspired.

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