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Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas’ Wise Plan to Earn Money From Her Classmates

It is common to experience running out of supplies as a student, and cannot even think about anything other than borrowing or even asking extras from your classmates. There are times that some of your classmates would even ask for hygiene products after lunch for them to look fresh as you are. However, as the time goes by, when they said that it would be the last time they will be asking things from you, they never really mean it. Funny as it is, they could not stop and that eventually becomes their habit.

For sure, you will run out of your own supplies as well. Nevertheless, a student thought of a beneficiary solution. Not only she could only teach her classmates the value of her things, but also she could earn money.

The student was Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas. She shared a post on Facebook showing pictures of her things with prices, for those who could possibly borrow or ask things from her. With the caption, “Feeling ko dito ako yayaman HAHAHAHA. Hi mga classmates handa na akong maging mayaman HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.”

Netizens liked her brilliant idea and even brought smiles to their faces, especially the students.

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