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The Department of Education (DepEd) on Thursday said that physical enrollment in schools is highly discouraged to avoid exposing students, parents, and educators to the risk of contracting the new coronavirus disease. As the department encloses for the opening of classes in August, they will not require physical attendance of students and teachers. Also, DepEd [...]

It is common to experience running out of supplies as a student, and cannot even think about anything other than borrowing or even asking extras from your classmates. There are times that some of your classmates would even ask for hygiene products after lunch for them to look fresh as you are. However, as the [...]

Students love teachers who have a good personality and can be fun at times. Just like Mr. Jom Borja, a MAPEH Teacher in Pedro E. Diaz Highschool, who thought of a fun way to brighten up his class. For the requirements on his subject, he told his class that their notebook covers should be the [...]