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‘Blinks’ Disappointed in Kapamilya Stars Awra, Ac and Riva For Making Fun of Jennie

BlackPink, a Korean Girl Group is very popular nowadays. Fans called ‘Blinks’ are extra supportive when it comes to their concerts. However, an issue has risen when three Kapamilya Stars namely, Awra Briguela, AC Bonifacio and Riva Quenery made fun of Jennie Kim’s condition during the Manila meet and greet last night.

During AC’s live video in Instagram, ‘Blinks’ asked them about what they thought of BlackPink’s event. Awra tried speaking in English, said that the event was “sick” and Riva added by saying “sick like Jennie” then they laughed.

The ‘Blinks’ were very disappointed about what they had witnessed in the live video and started tweeting, labeling them “cancelledt”.

After that, they all tried to explain what really happened and tried to fix the misinterpretation of the fans. “We are not making fun of Jennie to begin with. Nag-start yun as parang nag-English-English si Awra,” Riva started during their live video. “Hindi ko tina-try maging funny.” She added.

AC explained, “Kasi Awra was trying to, like, you know, as Awra’s personality, he’s trying to be funny, right? He’s trying to speak in English, which is funny… and that’s what we laughed about. And so, he was talking about the event earlier, and he was saying about how the event was so sick. Like, it was really, really cool. It was really lit.” 

They said that what they were laughing about was how Awra tried to speak in English, and not about Jennie’s struggle. “Yun yung ibig kong sabihin. So natawa ako kasi parang siya hindi niya alam na, ‘Oo nga, ‘no? Ano nga bang pagkakaiba? Hindi kami tumawa dahil sick si Jennie. Why would we do that?” Riva added, “Ang sa amin lang talaga, hindi namin pinagtatawanan, hindi namin dini-disrespect.” 

On the other hand, Awra appeared on the video saying “Kayo kasi guys, ang sensitive ng fans… Ang babaw lang nun!” which appeared insensitive and only made the situation worse.

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