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David Licauco Reveals That He’s Dating Someone

A celebrity’s love life usually catches the attention of the netizens, especially the fans. David Licauco reveals that he is currently dating someone. “I’m dating, I’m dating,” he said during an interview with PEP.ph.

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He revealed that he is dating his non-showbiz schoolmate and is currently in the ‘mutual understanding’ stage with her.

“I prefer kasi Chinese talaga,” David said. He made it clear that he was not forbidden not to date a non-Chinese girl. “Actually ang dad ko, hindi siya Chinese, e! Yung mom ko is Chinese.”

“Siguro kasi yung culture ko in high school, I grew up with Chinese people, my friends are mostly Chinese.”

“So, I guess, yung… alam mo yun, like, parang for me kasi, kung mag-showbiz ka na girlfriend, parang… I dunno, parang dikit rin sa intriga. “And medyo ano lang, I don’t wanna judge, pero parang medyo shallow kasi yung relationship ng mga laging nasa TV, laging nasa Instagram, pinu-post. I find it really, parang, ‘Bakit kailangan i-post yung mga ganyan?”

“Ayokong… parang hindi ko gusto yung couple goals? Parang for me, hindi siya… for me, mas okay yung, alam mo yun, low-key. Kung mahal mo talaga yung isang tao, bakit mo kailangan ipakita sa…”

Since I’m in showbiz, I wouldn’t post my girlfriend,” he added.

What if his (future) girlfriend would think that he does not love her and he is not proud of her?

“Siguro she understands my work naman, with what I do. Siyempre sometimes, medyo. For sure, kung magkakaroon ako ng girlfriend next time, for sure, mag-aano yun. Pero feeling ko, kung ia-assure ko naman siya all the time, sasabihin ko na, ‘Hindi ako nagkulang sa ‘yo, pagmamahal, sa attention,’ sa mga ganyan, sa mga ganung bagay. Magiging okay naman siguro.” he answered.

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